Tinytopia & the Magic of Little Things DVD

Tinytopia & the Magic of Little Things DVD

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There is something very charming and magical about little things of tiny stature. Little things remind us of make believe places and fairytale dreams. Enter a world of little things, called Tinytopia. In this world, you can experience the limitless possibilities of creating your very own little village. What is your ideal perfect world? Is it whimsical, contemporary, folksy, fantastic, or quirky? Whatever you decide your Tinytopia should be, Mary Jane Chadbourne will share the journey with you, making your very own little wooden houses and dwellings in various sizes and shapes.

In this workshop, she explores numerous techniques and applications. She will discuss overall design, preparation and construction with a plethora of different options that will be available for you to consider as you create your houses and dwellings. She will you how she works intuitively from the beginning to the end of a creation, building upon layers with color, energy and technique. As your own little world begins to take form Mary Jane will guide you through the entire process so that you will have created your very own Tinytopia, filled with visual expressions of what your perfect world would be!

These are just some of the topics covered in this workshop:

• Collage – compositions, prepping substrates and how to work successfully with collage
• Clay – how to successfully create polymer clay tiles that are beautiful and can be worked into the design of the house
• How to successfully create polymer clay roofs and tile that are beautiful and can be worked into the design of the houses
• Painting techniques to wood
• Copper embossing techniques
• Wood Burning (Pyrography) – how to successfully apply this unique method to give your structures uniqueness
• How to utilize everyday items that can be recycled and used on the houses
• Working with watercolors, inks and acrylics
• Working with canvas showing various techniques on how to incorporate tiny dwellings
• Creating dimension with embossing and stenciling
• Working with plaster casting that creates texture and dimension
• Different ways to utilize your wonderful little creations

Runtime: 5 Hours, 30 Min.

  • Materials List and Handouts

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