The Magic of Spirit Dolls DVD

The Magic of Spirit Dolls DVD

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Lyn Belisle has taught numerous Spirit Doll workshops and is excited to embark on this creative journey with you. She will show you how you can create your own cherished Spirit Doll from simple materials and heartfelt purpose in the manner of the figure-makers of every age and culture.

Since the dawn of history, humans have been drawn to small spirit figures that dance, protect, and charm. Most ancient dolls found in tombs were very simple creations, often made from such materials as clay, rags, wood, or bone. The manner in which these “spirit dolls” were placed leads anthropologists to believe that they were cherished possessions. If you are drawn to the personal meaning and connectedness of nature and spirit, you will enjoy participating in this fascinating workshop.

On this unique journey, she will guide you on a highly personal path of discovery as you bring together materials and meaning into one small being. You will be able to incorporate personal items that you yourself will collect from nature and from places that are special to you. Twigs, leaves, moss, feathers or any other natural materials that seem to attract you will become important art pieces for you own unique doll.

For fabric, think like a quilter and use scraps of old garments that have been worn and loved. Use old jewelry and ribbons that you’ve worn for adorning your Spirit Doll. Most importantly, Lyn will show you how you can set an intention for your Spirit Doll – will it be a wish for wisdom? Creativity? Self-awareness? As you construct you spirit doll, you will make artistic and intuitive choices that result in a cherished possession – your deeply individual and intrinsically beautiful Spirit Doll.

Don’t miss out on this self-nourishing and solely enriching workshop.


Runtime: 1 Hour, 45 Mins.


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