The Looking Glass DVD

The Looking Glass DVD

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Stories. Some are made up, some real. Stories can be created from past memories and future dreams, from physical experiences and from within ones own imagination. Family stories, love stories, travelling stories, nostalgic stories, heartwarming stories, inspiring stories, memoirs.

Everyone has a story, everything has a story.
Life is a story.
Tell me yours.

'The Looking Glass' was born through the desperation of wanting to tell a story. In the beginning, it was a story from my imagination. But after completion, I realized that what inspired its story was not so different from what I am and what I feel deep inside. Stories are manifestations of parts of the storyteller, do you not agree?

In this workshop I will be sharing with you :

  • how to create the peeling paint effect
  • how to create a wire bezel with large gauge wires of copper and brass
  • how to bind a book
  • how to create a whimsical page marker
  • sculpting with a 2 part modeling compound
  • the versatility of the 2 part modeling compound
  • resin work
  • how to age with fire, patina and paint
  • simple modifications to normal rivets

I have also prepared 2 different book cover designs for you to choose from. There will be a choice for everyone, whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a passionate veteran. There will also be a little challenge at the end of the workshop for those of you who are up for it!

I hope you will join me in Storytelling through Art. 'The Looking Glass' is a true mixed media piece that I hope will inspire you to share your stories with the world. It can be any stories, it can be a story from your imagination or a story about you.

Tell me your story through the colors you choose, the images and components you include, the writings you weave and from your artistic style. I want to be able to look into your Looking Glass and see the mirror of your soul!


Runtime: 11 Hours 30 Mins

  • Materials List and Handouts

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