The Captive Queen DVD

The Captive Queen DVD

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Our Captive Queen Project starts by creating a paper-mache bird with basic supplies. Our bird queen will be clad with silver leafing. A beading mosaic and epoxy clay technique will shape her wings and legs. 

The pedestal with rounded feet boasts a silver leafing technique and each of the four sides will be decorated with embossed lead free pewter sheet.

The metal embossing techniques detailed on each side of the cube includes engraved and embossed lettering, high and low relief embossing, as well as a paint, ink and chemical oxidizing patina. 

Techniques for this class:

  • Metal Embossing-Three key tooling techniques including lettering on metal and cut-outs
  • How to easily create a paper-mache bird with simple supplies
  • Silver or gold leafing process with application on metal and wood.
  • Beading Mosaic - with epoxy clay technique in sculpting and embedding.
  • Various Oxidizing Patina and Paint Techniques
  • Mixed media tips and techniques on combining metal with paper backgrounds.

This class is appropriate for beginners, intermediate or advanced students. Beginners will learn a variety of tooling techniques in metal embossing and mixed media from the ground up, intermediate and advanced students will learn my personal techniques to add to their existing knowledge.


Runtime: 5 Hours

  • Materials List and Handouts

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