Tassels and Tiaras DVD

Tassels and Tiaras DVD

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In this detailed workshop Hally Levesque will take you back to a bygone era when legendary women such as Mata Hari, Lillian Gish, and Theda Bara mesmerized the world with their dazzling displays of exotic charm and alluring mystique. In those days, they were called, "Vamp, Unchaste, Exhibitionist, Risque, and Bohemian." Celebrated in this workshop, you will find the essence of these fascinating women as you break away from the traditionally demure Victorian style of Tassel Doll Making while exploring the lives of these entertaining woman by creating them in your own way.

Step by step, doll artist Hally Levesque guides you through every detail of creating three distinctly unique tassel dolls, each one a work of art encompassing techniques that you can add to your growing skill set as a doll making enthusiast and artisan! These half dolls are fun to create and there are many exciting ways to embellish their tassel skirts and glorious crowns.

In this workshop you will learn how to create your very own collection of Tassel Dolls using traditional and modern approaches to doll making. 

  • A Highlight of Techniques Included:
  • Sculpting and painting half dolls
  • Incorporating armatures
  • Transferring patterns onto fabric
  • Using natural and synthetic fibers for hair
  • Repurposing jewelry
  • Basic beading
  • Basic sewing and topstitching


Runtime: 8 Hours

  • Materials List and Handouts

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