Small Worlds DVD

Small Worlds DVD

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Join mixed media artist Lyn Belisle in this fascinating workshop where you will create richly-patterned microcosmic landscape collages using the techniques and applications taught in this class. Lyn will take you step by step on this cosmic journey, providing detailed instruction and inspiration for crafting these small worlds of surreal fantasy and ethereal magic.


Using the technique of DÉCHIRAGE (day-shur-ah j’) - distressed paper collage - students will gain a solid grasp on composing little landscapes using a variety of altered papers, natural elements, and mixed media special effects. Lyn will also share art-enhancing framing suggestions that compliment your finished work so that your final display is both appealing and professional looking. Even a total beginner can create a stunning artwork with these fun distressed paper techniques.


Lyn’s hands on and direct approach, from the beginning substrate to the finished artwork, will tempt you to keep creating more of these artistic worlds long after you’ve completed your class.


Runtime: 1 Hour, 20 Min.

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