Romantic Rosabella DVD

Romantic Rosabella DVD

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“Getting stumped” can be a lot of fun in this workshop by Hally Levesque.  You will learn step-by-step how to create an heirloom quality doll that will be a pleasure to display in your home or to give as a gift for that special someone.

All you will need is basic sewing skills (a sewing machine is required) and the desire to try your hand at sculpting and painting.  You are likely to be surprised at how easy and fun it is to make one of these dolls.  Instruction will also be provided in the making of roses and other flowers from silk and satin ribbons and how to arrange them into a pleasing floral adornment for your doll.

This workshop involves the sewing of the stump doll body from fabric which is then weighted so that the doll is free standing.  You will then learn how to sculpt a head and neck for insertion into the body with the sculpting of the shoulders, bodice and arms to follow.  From there, you will move on to sanding, painting and applying the hair (Hally will share with you a quick and easy way to dye silk roving using your microwave oven!).  The ribbon portion of the workshop involves creating the floral design using an appliqué technique.  Other embellishments will include sculpting and decorating the hat, creating a bouquet of ribbon flowers and applying other finishing touches.


Runtime: 6 Hours

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