Mystical Cat Shaman DVD

Mystical Cat Shaman DVD

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The cat is a symbol of intuition and independence, and this is particularly true of this Mystical Cat Shaman. Often, intuition is more important than logic, as the cat’s wisdom is feminine and does not always bend in the face of sheer reason. But do not make the mistake of underestimating the powerful insight inspired by this delightful creature who will guard and guide your creative endeavors!


About 12” tall, this Cat Shaman is constructed with flat bamboo sticks and is wrapped in hand-dyed cheesecloth and other fabrics, cords, and adornments. He (or she) has a shrine-like box in the center which is covered with a mica or acetate window that contains all kinds of small offerings and sacred or lucky objects. The head is made from earthenware clay, fired to 1800, and finished with a Rune & Relic finish to accentuate his age and mystery. You can add additional surface decoration as the spirit moves you. You can also fashion a cat head of your own to perch atop the body!


When this Cat Shaman becomes part of your life, magic and mystery come alive. Associated with the Norse Goddess Freyja and the Egyptian Goddess, Bast, who takes the form of a cat, your Mystical Cat Shaman encourages agility in both body and mind. You will be challenged with new ideas and places. This spirit helper is resourceful, strong and fearless, and lots of fun to create! It will give you courage and confidence in both the process of creating it and in the satisfaction of seeing it completed, ready to inspire and admire!

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