Mask, Robe Rune DVD

Mask, Robe Rune DVD

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What do you get when you bring together renowned encaustic artist and author Michelle Belto and award-winning teacher and mixed media painter Lyn Belisle? An astonishing adventure that combines sculpture, wax, paper, ephemera, sacred symbolism and self-discovery called Mask, Robe and Rune.

These two artist-friends have collaborated in a new Artful Gathering workshop that pulls out all of the creative stops.

You will learn innovative techniques such as monoprinting with encaustic wax on rice paper and enhancing with metal leaf and walnut ink. More importantly, you’ll create your own symbolic language of self-discovery. And you’ll explore the iconic concepts of ceremonial robes, runes and masks as you create your own free-standing mixed media sculptural figure with wax, clay and paper.

This workshop will take your work to a new level of creative meaning and give you the “whys” that lie behind the “hows” of art making. Join Lyn Belisle and Michelle Belto on an unforgettable journey of spirit and form.


Runtime: 1 hour, 45 min.

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