Leonardo Loves Zia Online Workshop

Leonardo Loves Zia Online Workshop


Workshop by Cristina Zinnia Galliher

 My goal in this workshop is to answer the question, how can we create our own sculpts and art works from every day materials, simplifying the processes as to how to express our ideas out of paper, clay, and glues before we paint them into works of art?

The purpose is to engage our imagination by limiting the quantity of items we will work with. This is truly the nature of play, which leads to discovery and the potential for many new doors to open in your artwork.

I am teaching students how to form a girl and a boy jester doll head and a variety of hats. I will show you how to create a stable standing pedestal bust, starting from the armature up. We will prep and paint our pedestals in a variety of ways, with two different styles to choose from; round or block.


Students who are ardent instruction-followers will easily master the block pedestal style, while students who may desire a more ‘top heavy’ doll head will find complete freedom with the round pedestal style.

I will show students how to shape our doll heads out of *Aves Paper Mache clay, (you may substitute Creative Paper Clay) before moving on to hat making! Creative Paper Clay is also demonstrated.

I’ll demonstrate how to make jester hats and gnome hats in different styles so you can make as many different hats as you like, learning as we go, many mixed media applications. By the time we are ready to paint our faces, you will have most of your project completed!

In this love story, we must have flowers and we must have an artistically embellished bud vase to display them in (unless you like wall flowers and I’ve got that covered too).

Leonardo’s Lovegram ornament is a bonus project where we’ll be making a little clay heart with mini paper flowers growing up out of the top.


Runtime: 13 Hours


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