Full of Grace DVD

Full of Grace DVD

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The word, “sacred” is derived from Old French sacrer, which means to consecrate or dedicate. Each of our hearts holds a unique combination of courage, love, joy and tenderness, which are revealed daily through our actions, words and deeds. Won’t you take this journey with me as we honor or dedicate our hearts to love, romance, bravery and purpose?
I am so looking forward to sharing my love of recreating heart relics and ornate crosses from the past.

Flaming Relic Hearts
I will provide basic soldering iron use instruction.
Using templates you will create two different sizes of flaming hearts in metal; shaping, soldering and securely add embellishments.
I will share my faux Mother of Pearl technique which will be sealed.

Ornate Crosses
You will hammer and forge wire, as well as work with embossed wire.
You will create simple to very ornate crosses while using a soldering iron.
We will be embellishing our crosses using beautiful filigrees, stampings and embellishments to create one of a kind and unique crosses.

Runtime: 11 Hours

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