Fly Away With Me Necklace DVD

Fly Away With Me Necklace DVD

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Have you ever been fascinated by miniature moving objects when you were a child? I have always been fascinated by how the dancer would twirl gracefully in a music box or how the dolls' eyes would open and close when tilted backwards and forward. When my dad bought a miniature windmill home from Holland, I sat by the windmill for hours on end just watching it turn.

And OH!! the cuckoo clock! I used to have one of those in my house too when I was a kid. I would sit and wait for each hour to arrive, so I can see the cuckoo pop out and the other little mechanisms working in synchronicity.

Since I started making jewelry, I have always wanted to include this childhood fascination of “miniature moving parts” in some of my pieces. 'Fly Away With Me' is one such piece. Although not as complicated as the work of the master craftsmen who created the windmills or the cuckoo clocks, I did managed to include a simple moving contraption in this quirky-steampunkish-birdhouse-necklace. This year at Artful Gathering, I am really excited to share my surprisingly simple yet delightfully quirky idea with you. And you know what … I am even more excited to see if you can come up with your crazy little designs using the techniques that I will be sharing here.

If you would Fly Away With Me this year, all the way back to my childhood … you would see how I :

- Construct a birdhouse from copper sheets, using NO solder. Aha!! I know some of us, me included, have always wanted to make these complicated bezels but don't want to use fire …
well, you can! We shall ninja our metal, origami style

- Construct a simple moving contraption that would add the “wow” factor to your pieces many folds

In the course of the flight, I would also show you how to,

- totally age a piece of jewelry, and make it look magical!
- patina using different agents
- make old paper and resin it
- include found items into your piece
- talk about some of my favorite genres like steampunk, old world, vintage romance
- create your own funky looking bails and clasps with copper wires

So if you are ready ...
Fasten your seat belts!
Secure your luggage!
Let us take this journey together, You and I!


Runtime: 5 Hours

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