Earthly Delights DVD

Earthly Delights DVD

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Join book artist Leslie Marsh as she shares various techniques for printing leaves and other natural materials on paper and fabric. Discover the magic of ecoprinting - coaxing beautiful contact prints onto paper and fabric using water, heat, leaves and other easily sourced ingredients.

Leslie will show you different bundling techniques, the variables that can affect outcome, and discuss mordants to persuade color onto cellulose fabrics. She will teach you how to use a brayer to capture the beauty of a leaf.

Then, using the fruits of our exploration, Leslie will show you how to make a wrapped felt book that will be bound together using gathered sticks and a very simple binding. She will also demonstrate how she uses bits of lace, fabric, beads and stitching to embellish the covers of her books.

Runtime:  4 Hours, 30 Mins.

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