Beyond Time DVD

Beyond Time DVD

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Luthien Thye presents, Beyond Time, a timeless workshop where you be making a mixed media miniature art book which includes the use of many different medias. The art book will take the form of a "romantic relic" with burned pages and aged covers, and finishing with an engagement ring nestled inside of the book.

She will also show you how to paint a heart, if you so wish to use it as an option to the ring. Besides that, you will be trying out your hand on coffee stained pages for the book, but with a little twist; accent pages will be introduced among those stained pages to give your art book a surprise feature.

Luthien will be showing you 2 ways to make the Accent pages ... an easy way, which is part of our original concept, and a more complicated way as an option.

In this workshop Luthien will also teach you how to condition, cut, imprint polymer clay, stain papers and fibers, sew a book onto a leather spine, make wire clasps, age metal and create a beautiful aged finish with the use of paint and other techniques.

With the completion of this creative and in-depth workshop, it is Luthien's hope to have shared with you a variety of techniques that are simple enough to apply into your future creations. These techniques would not need any sort of expensive professional tools because Luthien will help you to try to improvise on the tools as much as possible.

Get ready for a fun and in depth adventure!


Runtime: 6 hours

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