Beyond the Imaginarium: A Compendium of Holiday Merriment DVD

Beyond the Imaginarium: A Compendium of Holiday Merriment DVD

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This new workshop will take you way beyond the original and very popular, “Imaginarium – Anthology of an Art Doll” class as we get ready for the holidays ahead of time!


The first part of the class will be creating a tall Santa and his Elf, a whimsical pair that compliment each other and put a smile on everyone’s face.  Completed with mixed media adornments and no limit to where these techniques will take you and the creative fun you will have along your journey!  


The second part is creating my “Deerly Yours” block dolls.  We will explore techniques in watercolor painting whimsical faces incorporated with collage.  Dressing the “deer girls” will give us the opportunity to work in collage, painting and more mixed media techniques!  Each one is truly different and original….all with carrying a festive holiday message. 


Runtime:  8 Hours

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