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Pumpkin Spirits

Pumpkin Spirits are standing dolls created entirely out of air dry clay. What makes them especially fun to create is the humorous way in which you can sculpt their faces and their bodies. In this workshop, we’ll be using two different powdered forms of paper mache clay by Aves®, the makers of many fine clay and apoxie sculpt products. You are welcome to try either of the clay brands I demonstrate, or you can even test out other clay as well.

You will learn how I mix and prepare the Ave’s brand clay to overlay on top of our armatures, as well as how to sculpt the bodies and faces using a variety of techniques. Layer by layer we’ll go as we develop these fun and whimsical vintage style faces.

These funny faces will also be demonstrated for creating seasonal ornaments which can be displayed on a wire tree or garland.


*Video Runtime: 300+ minutes. (Five Hours)

Complete Video Instructions are shown for all projects taught in this class.


Kits Not Available at this time. 

About Cristina's Studio

Cristina “Zinnia” Galliher began producing her online art classes in 2009. Since then, she has created many of her own unique video art workshops while also instructing nationally and internationally known independent artists, working hand in hand with them, to produce their own online workshops.


Prior to the founding of Artful Gathering, Zinnia established herself as an online art instructor, production director, creative catalyst of Artful Gathering, and artist. Today, Zinnia focuses her time in tending her garden, art journaling, and sharing her blog with kindred friends and fans that share like-minded interests.

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