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Cristina Zinnia Galliher,  Founder of Artful Gathering


Cristina “Zinnia” Galliher began producing her online art classes in 2009. Since then, she has created many of her own unique video art workshops while also instructing nationally and internationally known independent artists, working hand in hand with them, to produce their own online workshops . As a result, many independent artists have successfully achieved a virtual classroom environment that is intimate, respectful, and professionally administrated. Students benefit from the Artful Gathering method of reaching students wherever they are while proudly presenting them with quality workshop presentations and classroom interaction.

In addition to teaching, producing and facilitating online art retreats, reaching thousands of students world-wide, she has earned her experience with video editing, hosting, technical support and web development.

Prior to the founding of Artful Gathering, Zinnia established herself as an online art instructor, production director, creative catalyst of Artful Gathering, and artist. Her art interests are shared with her students and fans with an open heart. Zinnia created primitive folk art for several years, representing her art creations in doll making and sculpting. She has studied and dabbled in many art genres throughout her life, and continues to develop her art daily.

Zinnia resides in Northern California and focuses her time in tending her garden, art journaling, and sharing her blog with kindred friends and fans that share like-minded interests.